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Matthew Campbell Laurenza is proud to have collaborated with notable and prestigious brands and charitable organizations, producing commissioned works, customized collections and exhibitions, as well as contributing to worthy causes. Below are just a few brands. In the pursuit of his craft, to share his passion on a global scale, and to help better the lives of those less fortunate, Matthew is open to receive requests for future collaborations.


diamonds with a story

Two bespoke jewelry collections, exclusively set with Rio Tinto diamonds from Australian mines... 


jeweled garden

An exquisite collection of handcrafted sculptures and objets d'art, exclusively set with Swarovski genuine gemstones... 


magic garden

A limited exclusive exhibition, which toured China, featuring handcrafted sculpture and objets d'arts...


annual charity ball 

Inspired by the world premiere of 'Sylvia', Matthew gifted a hand-crafted 'Love Embrace' bronze sculpture, for each attendee... 


conservation enterprise  

The world's largest art exhibition of decorated elephant statues, created by artists and celebrities, to raise funds for conservation efforts...


guest lecturer

Commissioned annual 'Master Class' seminar by Matthew Campbell Laurenza, for students of visual arts...

DITP Thailand Logo.jpg

consumer insight workshop

Guest speaker at international exchange on trade, in association with the Royal Thai Government...

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Discover collaboration opportunities with American designer, artist, sculptor, guest lecturer, Matthew Campbell Laurenza...


dWP signature collections

Architecture and interior design firm dwp unites with acclaimed designers, presenting dwp | matthew campbell laurenza, a creative collaboration of two design forces...


jeweled garden

A curated collection of handcrafted sculptures, exclusively set with Swarovski genuine gemstones... 

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