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Matthew Campbell Laurenza can be commissioned to create original, one-of-a-kind creations, whether something uniquely crafted to suit your aesthetic, or a collaborative execution of your vision.

Yoga Practice

Custom Creations

Entrust Matthew with his vision for your custom design jewelry, sculpture, paintings, or any other art pieces. From large art installations, for office buildings, luxury hotels or lavish residential spaces, to small art pieces that make a personal statement, Matthew dedicates a meticulous focus and attention to detail, to each custom design commission.

Matthew Campbell Laurenza - adler1.jpg

Custom Jewelry

Have bespoke jewelry customized to express your individuality, to perfectly fit your size, or to idyllically suit that special forthcoming occasion. From wedding days to extravagant evenings, showpieces to signature everyday wear, allow Matthew to provide you with unique, handcrafted designs tailored to your specific desires, whether for men, women, unisex, non-binary or a showcase display.

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